Why TeleCardiology?

National research indicates that KSYOS TeleCardiology prevents unnecessary referrals to secondary healthcare providers. General practitioners report they are helped (a great deal) by the advice from the cardiologist and that they learn a lot from the TeleCardiology Consult. TeleCardiology strengthens the chain and improves communication with the cardiologist, while you stay in control of treatment.

  • Quick diagnosis for the patient (within 5 hours on average)
  • 58% of referrals prevented after selection by the general practitioner
  • Quality assurance of ECGs by regional cardiologist
  • Better quality than fax
  • Increase in the expertise and pleasure taken in their work by the general practitioner and cardiologist
  • Triage (determination of referral period, specialist, outpatient)

KSYOS TeleCardiology

KSYOS TeleCardiology enables you to remotely consult regional cardiologists in a low-threshold manner. Resting ECGs or Holter monitor results, medical histories and additional information are exchanged via a secure internet connection. You receive the following from KSYOS free of charge:

  • Digital ECG equipment on loan
  • Holter equipment on loan
  • Accredited training in TeleCardiology
  • Medical liability insurance via KSYOS

You can sign up here.