Why TeleHolter?

KSYOS TeleHolter offers you a ready-made solution for recording and assessing Holter and on-event ECGs in your own surgery. Depending on the clinical context, you give your patient a recorder and the cardiac rhythm can be recorded continuously for 24, 48 or 72 hours (Holter) or even up to 7 days or 14 days (Event). Unlike conventional event diagnostics, the advantage of continuous recording is that asymptomatic clinically relevant arrhythmias are indeed registered (for example, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation).


Advantages of KSYOS TeleHolter

  • Low-threshold access to specialist diagnostics and advice.
  • If desired you can hold additional consultation with your ‘own’ cardiologist using a TeleConsult.
  • Quality assurance by the regional cardiologist.
  • Reporting – including conclusion (and where necessary, advice) from the cardiologist – available in KSYOS TeleCardiology within 48 hours.
  • The results of the analysis and any TeleConsult are sent to your GP Information System as Edifact.
  • The KSYOS Service Desk (quick, easy and high-quality care. KSYOS monitors timely analysis and is your point of address for help desk questions).

How does KSYOS TeleHolter work?

  • At your surgery, you or one of your employees configures the recorder with the patient data and gives it to the patient, together with a log in which to note complaints/activities.
  • After the agreed period of time the patient hands the recorder and log back in to you or your employee.
  • At the surgery the data are read out and automatically sent to KSYOS. You fax the log to KSYOS.
  • Within 48 hours after sending you will receive a detailed report from the Holter or event recording (in PDF) in KSYOS TeleCardiology; the results appear in your GP Information System.
  • Up to 10% of the tests are checked for quality by the local cardiologist.
  • If you have questions about (deviating) results, you can easily consult your ‘own’ cardiologist via a TeleCardiology Consult.


  • Starting KSYOS TeleHolter (including the materials used) costs nothing.
  • You receive the recorder(s) from KSYOS on loan. To this end you enter into a three-year agreement with KSYOS which sets down, among other things, that you perform at least 5 Holter/on event recordings per (contract) year.

More information about KSYOS TeleHolter

Sign up here or contact KSYOS by phone on +44 (0) 207 863 7970 or email at info@KSYOS.co.uk. KSYOS will visit your surgery for the installation and explanation.