Why TeleDermatology?

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TeleDermatology has been shown to result in improved efficiency and quality of care at lower costs. These results are published in a scientific paper entitled “Teledermatology applied following patient selection by general practitioner in daily practice improves efficiency and quality of care at lower costs”  by Van der Heijden et al. in the British Journal of Dermatology in November 2011.

  • Quick diagnosis for the patient (4.6 hours on average)
  • 74% of referrals prevented after selection by the general practitioner
  • Increase in the expertise and pleasure taken in their work by the general practitioner and dermatologist
  • Triage (determination of referral period, specialist, outpatient)
  • Now also suitable for solitary lesions (see TeleDermatoScopy)


KSYOS TeleDermatology

KSYOS TeleDermatology enables you to remotely consult regional dermatologists in a low-threshold manner. Photographs of the skin, medical histories and additional information are exchanged via a secure internet connection.

You receive the following from KSYOS free of charge:

  • Digital TeleDermatology camera (incl. maintenance)
  • Accredited refresher training in TeleDermatology and photography
  • iPhone and/or KSYOS digital dermatoscope
  • Link with all GP Information Systems, iPhone, Prescriptor, OZIS, ZorgDomein
  • Medical liability arranged via KSYOS

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iPhone App


The free KSYOS TeleDermatology App enables you to quickly and easily take photos and load them directly into KSYOS TeleDermatology on your computer.

  • Save time since you don’t have to transfer the photos to the PC
  • Load photos directly in your TeleConsult
  • Quick, easy and secure
  • Convenient during visits as well
  • iPhone on loan


Download the KSYOS TeleDermatology App here



You can use KSYOS TeleDermatoScopy for the early detection of solitary skin lesions.


  • Assessment by specialised dermatologists
  • Digital dermatoscope on loan
  • Accredited training in the use of the dermatoscope

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