Why KSYOS TelePulmonology?

  • Quick diagnosis for the patient (5 hours on average)
  • Tailored advice from the pneumonologist (referral, diagnosis, treatment, triage)
  • Prevention of unnecessary referrals
  • Quality assurance of spirometry in the general practitioner’s surgery
  • Increase in the expertise and pleasure taken in their work by general practitioners
  • Accredited training

What is TelePulmonology?

With KSYOS TelePulmonology, primary care providers consult with regional pneumonologists about asthma and COPD patients. Spirograms, medical histories and additional information are exchanged via a secure internet connection.

Ready to start or want more information?

Starting KSYOS TelePulmonology is easy.

Sign up here or phone +44 (0) 207 863 7970. KSYOS will visit you for the installation and explanation of KSYOS TelePulmonology.